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WikiYouth is the collaborative platform for volunteering opportunities in EU and neighboring countries[edit | edit source]

Wikiyouth is a EU portal that fosters networking of organizations and volunteers, where:

  • organizations can create corporate pages where to present their headquarters, staff, projects, and activities
  • both organizations and volunteers can document ESC activities and learning outcomes, in perfect Wikimedian style as a valuable non formal training and learning opportunity
  • volunteers and participant of the local communities can register their testimonials and inspire other volunteers

To whom is addressed this website ?
This website is addressed both to organizations and to volunteers. Sending organizations can advertise an ESC project in the language or their local community, first entering the key information of the project, then completing the presentation page without any constraint, and then they can advertise the page to their local community.
Moreover, coordinating/hosting organizations can advertise a project which foresee participants from multiple countries, in such a way that (if allowed) the project can be immediately advertised by prospective sending organizations in the language of their local community.
I'm a sending organization in a partner country and I cannot find an hosting organization, what can I do ?
A volunteer project requires a direct agreement between organizations. However, certain projects are addressed to participants from multiple countries, or the sending organization is chosen on the basis of the candidacies received by the hosting/coordinating organization.
In this case, you can contact directly a coordinating/hosting organization in the programme country which plans to host volunteers from your country, and to ask whether you can directly advertise the project to your local community using this form.
Also, coordinating/hosting organizations looking for partner can insert projects for which they search for partners on their own, and you will find them in the page ESC projects partner finding
I'm a sending organization and I cannot find a suitable opportunity in the Projects partner finding list, what can I do ?
If you are a sending organization and you cannot find a suitable opportunity in the Projects partner finding list, you can directly contact a coordinating/hosting organization which plans to implement a project with participants from your country, and either to make an agreement with them for being their sending organization in a specific project, or, where the sending organization is chosen on the basis of the received candidacies (which could be coming from volunteers related to multiple sending organizations, or not related to a sending organization yet) you can ask them the permission to insert the call of their project using this form where you will appear as sending organization. Following, you can complete the page created through the form with all the details of the project in your local language and to directly advertise the page to your local audience throughout your channel (social networks, newsletter, ad newspapers, etc.).
If something does not work in your attempt to establish a communication with the coordinating/hosting organization you can contact our editorial staff to transfer the issue to us ;)