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My name is Ekaterina (Eka), I am 24 years old student. I found an opportunity to join Italian classes accidentally. After my Erasmus+ experience in Italy I was thinking to study Italian. It was necessarily to start from the very beginning - including the basis, grammar, common topics and so on. Joining the club was the best decision I could make back then. During the whole course period I was truly enjoying the atmosphere - our amazing teachers Paola and Eleonora made their best to turn the club not only into the study room, but a place where you always want to come and where a fun and a very friendly community are waiting for you. In the period classes started I really needed a place where I could find a peace of mind and I've found it. I found not only it, but also all the structured information needed for a basic knowledge of Italian and the starting point of my journey in the world of Italian language, which I will definitely continue. I will be forever grateful to Eleonora and Paola for organizing, their professionalism and the community they built here. Wishing them a good luck and new achievements! Grazie mille!

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