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My name is Lorena Babunashvili, 22, a former student getting ready for advanced studies in Italy. As my future journey requires at least basic knowledge of Italian I embarked on self-teaching process which, to be honest, did not go as well as I though it would. Therefore, at some point I felt the necessity of having teachers for clarifying any language issue. That is the reason why I joined this programm. Although I had already covered some topics which were explained on lessons, all of them have still been helpful to me. I enjoyed the light atmosphere created by both of the teachers, which encouraged me to participate more or ask questions if anything was left unclear for me. It was equally advantagous that the teachers are young, as we all soon found same themes or ideas we could share with each other. It also made the teacher-student interaction easier. One particular thing I will always be grateful for is how much their assistence with homework helped me, as I became able to identify any mistake I was making in Italian. As a language learner, who had no one as a mentor, it was always hard for me to overcome the obsacles I found challenging, like grammatical excercises, speaking with someone, etc. All in all, I enjoyed the lessons so much, I would go through it again even with the same programm. I suggest it to anyone who like me faces the alone-learning process or simply wants to improve their Italian. The biggest ThankYou to the two gifted teachers, Eleonora and Paola ❤️.

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