AICEM - International Association for Education and Cooperation in the World

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Aicem is a non-profit organization born and managed by young volunteers. We aims to boost the voice and the competences of youth and children via the spread of values and principales based on Human Rights.


Pillars[edit | edit source]

Our work is based on 4 motivational levels.

  • GRATUITY: the gratuity in carrying out activities and providing services to our communities as a deep awareness of the importance of everyone's commitment for everybody's development, without exploitation and in full respect of the dimension of the person.
  • NEED: the political need to fight to remove the causes that generate circuits of marginalization and discrimination, with particular reference to minors and young people, putting the young person at the center through the search for new forms of cooperation.
  • COOPERATION: the need to pursue, through community action, collaboration between social classes, disadvantaged people and all actors of civil and institutional society, even in developing countries, to achieve participatory and real social change.
  • COMMITMENT: we are guided by a direct commitment in civil society to enforce respect for the human person and protect his/her rights, life and health; to foster mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among all peoples

Areas of intervention[edit | edit source]

We work every day to achieve a more equal and inclusive society that places the PERSON at the center of all processes. THAT’S WHY we work in 4 main and interconnected areas that have a direct impact on development and well-being of a Person. These areas are Human Rights, Sustainable Development Goals, Youth Goals and Fight against hate speech.

The areas are our “lenses” through which we see the world around us and commit to act concretely to improve it. Guiding our work in these areas means positively influencing the environment where a child, a young person, an adult person, and, consequently, an elderly person, can develop, grow, work and contribute to its enrichment with the decision to act with full respect of her/his own dignity and that of others. An important aspect of the areas of intervention in which AICEM works is that they are not definitive projects with a beginning and an end. They are rather sectors in which the association invests on a daily basis, carrying out both internal work of respect, attention and sustainable functioning, and external awareness-raising and promotion work through targeted actions.

Activities[edit | edit source]

1. Cooperation and Exchanges The cooperation implemented by AICEM is based on the active involvement of the communities we work with through a non-formal approach. A practical approach that, through ‘learning by doing’, puts the person at the center of the dialogue and exchange process. The aim is to include in the processes of change and cooperation both the local authorities, institutions and stakeholders operating in the territories, but above all the people, in order to be always sure that every action goes in the direction of sustainable development in accordance with the dignity and respect of every human being. We operate in Italy, Europe, Mediterranean countries, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

2. Education and Training We develop paths that are useful not only to increase knowledge but also to transmit their cultural and experiential background to the societies and realities to which young people belong, with their choices and daily actions. Supporting young people in their growth and training is therefore one of our structural pillars.


Name"AICEM - International Association for Education and Cooperation in the World"
Field of action"Education, Youth, Human Rights"
Type of organisation"Non-profit organization"
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